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Daman Games App Download

Daman Games is A Make Money App, Daman Games App Download and Create an account to Start Earning Daily after Completing Tasks, and Playing Games. The Daman Games is a No:1 Color Prediction website and App where you can earn real cash. Instant Payout. 24×7 Support. UPI and Bank Withdraw. No extra Charge.

What is Daman Games

Daman Games App Download and Earn Daily ₹5000 By Playing Skeel Base Games and other Daman Games Offers, Easy to play games and earn real cash prizes. Now, Sign up for Daman Games account and you can Earn Up to Rs.50,000 and win more rewards.

Daman Games App Download

If you can download the Daman Games app and register a new account to use the must invitation code in Daman Games, you will get a free bonus and earnings. Following below is the complete process with a step-by-step guide to Daman Games App Download with registering an account. Now, playing games and earning daily up to ₹50,000 in real cash prizes to withdraw into a Bank account.

The Daman Games Download link is below where you can go to and tap the download button and you can create an account fast and recharge first and get the bonus claim and play very easy to simple games and make money daily.

NameDaman Games
SignupUp to ₹50,000
Refer & EarnLife Time Commision
Recommendation Code‘jFbi21407924’
Invitation CodejFbi21407924
Total Users10 Million+
DownloadLink Here

Daman Games Register

1. First of all, Visit the registration link from Daman Games

2. Enter your Mobile Number and Verify With OTP

Daman Games Invitation Code – jFbi21407924

Daman Games Register

3. Enter Strong Password

4. Automatic Applied ‘Recommendation Code’, [ it’s must put and a free bonus ]

5. Or, Manually enter Daman Games Recommendation Code is: jFbi21407924

6. Fill in the registration forms 

7. Click on the ‘Register’ Button Now

8. Have Done it, Successfully Login your Daman Games account

Daman Games Register

9. Complete the Registered in Daman Games account. You will get a free registration bonus.

10. Go Ahead Home Dashboard Daman Games interface and deposit first that means recharge now and get free bonuses up to ₹50,000

11. Now, you can play Daman games and earn real cash prizes with rewards, redeem to bank accounts instant payout.

Daman Games Register

Daman Games Recharge

1. Home Dashboard section in the Daman Games

2. Go to your wallet tab option

3. Click on the ‘Recharge’

Daman Games Recharge

4. Select a payment method by ‘Fast UPI’

5. Enter Recharge Amount min ₹100 to ₹100k

6. Click on the ‘Recharge’ button

Daman Games Recharge

7. Show Payment QR Code, By using Paytm / UPI App via transaction complete

8. Or, Scan QR Code to pay now, by payment app now.

Daman Games Recharge

9. Done it, Successfully Recharge your complete in Daman Games

10. You will instantly add your recharge balance to the Daman Games wallet account balance

Daman Games Register

11. Use your wallet balance to playing of Daman games and earn money

12. it’s real cash prizes and withdrawals to your bank account.

Daman Games Play & Earn Real Cash

Download Daman Apk and Daily ₹5000 By Playing Skeel Base Games, and Daman Games Available from Win Go, Trx Hash, 5d lotre, K3 Lotre &, etc. You can go to the Daman games and you can be playing games very simple and very easy to win real cash into your bank account.

  • Win Go
  • Trax Hash
  • 5D Lotre
  • K3 Lotre

Daman Game is a Colour prediction Game you can guess the number, and colors like green, red, and purple and win real cash prizes. Daman Games App is a brand new color prediction website and App and you can play and earn money, with instant withdrawal within minutes.

Daman Games Play and Earn Real Cash

Daman Games Play it

1. Choose a Daman Game like Win Go, Trax Hash, 5D Lotre, K3 Lotre

2. You can choose to Play Now,

3. For 1 Mintues, 3 Mintues, 5 Mintues and 10 Mintues

Daman Games

4. Pick your numbers

5. choose your lucky number and color

6. Bet the Amount

7. Choose the amount you want to bet and confirm now

Daman Games

8. Get the bonus, when you select the lucky number of the current period, the system will get earn cash prizes be won.

How to betting on the Daman Games

1. Click start game then choose 1minute, 3minute, 5minute or 10minute.

  • Green: if the result shows 1,3,7,9
  • Red: if the result shows 2,4,6,8
  • Violet: if the result shows 0 or 5
  • Small: if the result shows 0,1,2,3,4
  • Big: if the result shows 5,6,7,8,9

This company is not allowed to place Illegal betting Exp: Betting (Big and small together) or (Red and Green together) in the same time.

Daman Games Big & Small Game Tricks

Daman Games Withdraw Balance

After playing Damna Games to earn real cash prizes and Now, you can withdraw now your Daman Games Balance from the below quick steps…

1. Go to Wallet Tab Section in the Daman Games home dashboard interface

2. Click on ‘Withdraw’ now

Daman Games Withdraw Balance

3. Now, ‘Add Bank Card’

4. Enter below bank account details

5. Enter Your Bank Name, full name, bank account number, city, IFSC Code, email address, phone number & bank branch

Daman Games Withdraw Balance

6. After filling in your bank details and adding to your bank card and confirming it before check.

7. Enter the withdrawal amount minimum ₹100

8. Select Your Bank Account

9. Enter your password in Daman Games

Daman Games Withdraw Balance

10. Click on the final button ‘Withdrawal’ now

11. Successfully Completed Withdrawal in your Daman Games Wallet Balance

Daman Games Withdraw Balance

12. You will receive the withdrawal balance in your bank account within minutes. Maximum time to 24hrs.

Daman Games Withdraw Balance
Payout Received by Paytm bank

DamanGames Withdraw Proof

Daman Games Withdraw Balance

Daman Games Prediction Winning Trick

100% Daman Games Winning Trick, you can watch the below videos and follow SDSD Rule Explained, How to Win in Daman Games Full Tutorial, watch and win real cash prizes, play win go big and small games, and win real cash prizes.

Daman Games Free Bonus

You can earn a bonus for free just complete the task and earn a bonus from Daman Games, you are a free bonus to redeem in your bank account, instant withdrawal in your bank account, and don’t have to miss your bonus. Get the signup Daman Games and account and you can recharge first with the deposit amount and get the bonus now.

Promote Mission

1. Go to Center Tab Section in the Daman Games

2. Click on Promote Mission

3. And Chat of Invited Valid members and Claim Rewards

4. Step by step complete the task and claim rewards now.

5. now, after the task is complete and you can withdraw from your bank account.

Task RewardInvited Members
+₹551 Invite member
+₹1553 Invite member
+₹55510 Invite member
+₹155530 Invite member
+₹335570 Invite member
+₹10955200 Invite member
+₹25555500 Invite member
+₹485551000 Invite member
+₹3555555000 Invite member

Note: Alos, Invita Valid Members and Claim Rewards, Minimum Recharge of Amount and get the claim rewards.

Promote Mission

Daman Games Refer and Earn

Invite a friend to Daman Games and make money it’s the best way to earn money lifetime, just simple work, sharing your invitation referral link sharing and earning a big amount of commission, using the referral link via join friends Daman Games and recharge first and get the bonus. your friends playing games and earning more cash rewards, it’s 110% redeemed to the bank, payout.

1. First of all, Now, Login Your DamanGames Account

2. Home Dashboard Section in the Daman Games

2. Go to the Promotion Tab option in the Daman Games app

3. Copy the ‘Daman Games Invitation Code’

4. Copy the ‘Daman Games Referral link’

Daman Games Refer and Earn

5. Them sharing code with links by friends, family members, etc.

6. Sharing your social media platforms like Facebook, Whatsapp, telegram &, etc.

5. Use your referral link and code via sign-up on your Daman Games account and we will get a commission earned.

6. Now, your friends must first recharge so you can be eligible for Assured rewards. Minimum recharge ₹100 and get a bonus for free lifetime earnings.

7. After Earning commission and you can go withdrawal page and withdrawal your balance from your bank account instantly within minutes credited.

9. Check out – below for more information on Daman Games Promotion…

DamanGames Referral Bonus

Number of ReferralsEarned
5 Referral₹500
10 Referral₹1,500
15 Referral₹2,500
30 Referral₹5,000
50 Referral₹10,000
300 Referral₹50,000
500 Referral₹100,000
1000 Referral₹200,000
3000 Referral₹300,000
10,000 Referral₹1,000,000
100,000 Referral₹5,000,000

Daman Games Promotion

1. If you have a referral user, use your own referral link to register a Daman Games account and if they make a recharge you can claim a reward.

2. You will get a minimum commission of 0.6 % (level 1) and 0.18% (level 2) from each transaction that is done by the referral (Added every day at 00:30 AM.)

3. If the accumulated transactions of the Referral reach a certain target, the agent will get an additional bonus with the following rebates.

Daman Games Earns Money

Daily Check-in Bonus

Daman Games Earns Money

You can recharge and get a daily check-in bonus, just simply check in daily recharge and claim rewards, Sign in to your Daman Games Account to get a bonus.

Check-in DailyAccumulatedCheck in Bonus
Day7Check-in Bonus₹6000
Daman Games Earns Money

1. Users who have not recharged will not be able to receive

2. Starting from day 1, recharge is required.

3. The accumulative recharge amount must meet the conditions and can only be claimed once a day.

4. The platform has the final right to interpret this activity. If you have any related questions, please contact customer service!

5. The attendance bonus will be randomly distributed after the 7th deposit

Member Activities

Daman Games Earns Money

Member Activities Winning Streak: Gain bonuses for Consecutive wins win streak – up to 100% off the total accumulated betting amount. Meet the conditions and contact customer services to apply for a bonus.

  • Win 10 in a row and get 20% (bet amount x 20%)
  • Win 20 in a row and get 30% (bet amount x30%)
  • Win 30 in a row and get 40% (bet amount x40%)
  • Win 40 in a row and get 50% (bet amount x50%)
  • Win 50 in a row and get 100% (bet amount x100%)

Note: The Same period is not included in the calculation, no betting limit, any problem you can contact daman games customer services if you have reached the applicable conditions.

Daman Games Login

1. Click on the Login Button

2. Enter Your Mobile Number

3. Enter Your Password

4. Click on the Login button 

5. Now, Login into your Daman Games account

6. Let’s see playing Daman games and winning more real cash prizes and rewards now.

How to Security Daman Games Account

1. Go to Home > ‘Center’ Tab Section in the Daman Games

2. Click on ‘Account Security Option

3. Enter Your Mobile Number and Verify With OTP

4. Tap on the OTP then will send to message to your number as your verification code

5. Enter your new strong password, and Confirm your password.

6. Click on the ‘Submit’ Button Now

7. Done it, Successfully Change Your Login Password, and fully Security in Daman Games Account.

8. Enter your Registered Mobile Number and Enter your New Password to log in to your account.

Daman Games Forgot Password

1. Visit the Daman Games Website

2. Click on Forgot Password Option

Daman Games Forgot Password

3. Enter your mobile number and Verify it with OTP

4. Enter the Strongest new password

5. Click on Submit now

Daman Games Forgot Password

6. Note: If Cannot Receive OTP Please Contact Customer Service Immediately.

7. Done Successfully Changing your password you can enter a new password and log in to your daman games account.

Daman Games Telegram Channel

Be part of our Daman Games Official Telegram Channel to get updated with spectacular Events, good news, and various announcement. Thank you for supporting Daman all the way and keep spreading #DamanGames

Daman Games Customer Care Number

Please be advised not to save any Daman Games Customer Care Service Number. Our contact numbers are bound for changes without prior notice. For us to make sure that we can assist you at the earliest possible time, make sure to contact us directly from the Customer Service tab on the CENTER of your Daman App or by Clicking on this logo ☎️, Thank you.

Hello, Daman Games members if want to reach out to customer service, kindly go to the Daman Games website/app customer service page to find the available Live chat, Whatsapp and Telegram. Thank you for supporting our DamanGames Stay safe and healthy always.


Are Daman Games Real or Fake?

it’s a 110% real this daman game and lots of users can play games and earn money daily, I have already generated withdrawals with proof added, and a game-playing color prediction game, please you can trust it’s a genuine app from daman games, daily redeem daman wallet balance.

Daman Games online?

yes, it’s online games, just connect your internet and play dames games color prediction, predict your color red, and green to win real cash prizes.

Daman Games Tricks?

Use Genuine Daman Games Tricks, just a skill bases game of color prediction that does not trick only for the skill of your game, you can play to automatically build your tricks, you can watch the video above, of Daman Games tricks of big and small games.

What is Official Daman Games Website?

The Official Daman Games Website is: ( https://damangames.in/#/register ) you can visit the website and get register now and complete the task to win prizes.

Daman Games Hack?

Please, guys, don’t try any hack, mod, or another party website, you can play to genuine otherwise ban your account, and lost your balance. be careful.

Daman games login link?

The Daman Games login link is: https://damangames.in/#/login

is Daman Games safe?

Daman Games is safe 100%, but please understand you can play or invest at your own risk and responsibility.

Daman Games Hack Mod Apk?

please do not download any modded application or app from daman games, and lose your balance with hack your account, please do not try to download daman games hack mod Apk.

Daman Games Prediction?

yes, it’s a genuine Daman Games prediction, already added the full Daman Games Winning Trick, full information of prediction Daman Games and Win in Daman Games Full Tutorial.

Daman Games Withdraw Minimum?

Daman Games Minimum Withdraw Balance Rs.100, and Daman Games Maximum Withdrawal Balance Lo Limit.

Daman Games Payout?

The Daman Games Payout option is available in your bank account.

Daman Games Invitation Code?

Daman Games Invitation Code is: jFbi21407924 ( this Invitation Code, referral code, and Recommendation Code are exactly the same here, just enter the code and extra bonus claim.

Daman Games


We are looking into several reports that continue to reach us regarding other black websites imitating DAMAN GAMES. Many people were deceived. Don’t believe anyone who will send you any kind of suspicious links or websites.

These are the official Daman Games links [ DamanGames.In ] If you found other links aside from these please disregard them, don’t try to open them, and try to fill in your information (ID and Password) to that platform.


Hello, Guys, I Hope all is clear of doubts from Daman Games, it’s a very fantastic game and the winning probability is a higher chance of real cash prizes, just simply sign up for an account and you can go to play daman games and earn money, then withdrawal instant your bank account. don’t worry its a 100% genuine website now.


Note: This game or website involves financial risk and can be addictive. Please play or invest at your own risk and responsibility, 18+ only.

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